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August 12 2017


Others have probably articulated this better, but I just really fucking love how Niall is breaking every rule in the book about what boy band members are supposed to do when they go solo. He talks with pride about One Direction’s music, what they achieved together, and the doors it has opened for him as a solo artist. Instead of distancing himself from 1D, he is telling new fans that they should be giving 1D’s music a listen, and avidly supporting his 1D bandmates in their solo projects. Instead of reinventing himself with a brand new image, he has seamlessly transitioned to solo stardom by keeping the focus on his music. He is proving that boy band members don’t have to disavow their past, whether implicitly or explicitly, to be successful as solo artists. And he is achieving solo success despite, or perhaps because of, that. All power to him.

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July 07 2017

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im takin back the word friendzone it mean at ya homie house!!!!


not to b #depressin but my entire life is becoming just a huge blur n i honestly cannot remember like literally…anything for shit lmao

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Refusing to accept your favorite character’s death like

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what does being straight have to do with appreciating the sunset..

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4:35 Blaze it sorry traffic was crazy

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trumps supporters: this generation of “triggered” crybabies overreact too much!!!


mall of america: we’re gonna have black santa 

trump supporters: 


starbucks: we’re gonna say happy holidays

trump supporters:


hamilton: mike pence please look out for us and be careful 

trump supporters:


kellogs: we don’t want our ads on a bigoted news site

trump supporters: 


the rest of america: hillary won the popular vote

trump supporters:


Big shirt no bra is what I call relaxation

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